Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chapter: Gaudeamus Jed and Tair


Oooooooh, man. Eleven hours on the bus. Time to catch some zs.

Man. I miss the beach.  I wanted to go to the Tides, man, but it’s like hard to go there now.  If you’re not from there, you have to have papers. Plus I don’t think the bus goes there.  But hey, it’s cool that Ally’s letting me stay here.

Yeah so Ally’s here too.  So like, Ally and her Mom always fight, even though Ally moved out a long time ago, but it’s like they had a final showdown or something.  Like Jed’s Grandpa wants to have another kid and her Mom’s too old, but they can like, go to the clinics or something.  Babyrita, Ally calls it…you know, like a blender baby.  Ally’s sisters and brothers – the Spiffington ones and the Wainwright ones – were like, whatever, but Ally just lost it.  She came home and told Jed and me that she loved us but she wasn’t raising ANY MORE of us and furthermore the three of us were the only sane ones left in town and she wasn’t staying if we were leaving, so. We decided to all go together.

We left right after graduation.  Graduation, man.  I graduated.  Yeah, like no shit.  Jed said he wasn’t gonna go if I wasn’t there.  And like, he really wanted to go.  Shit.  So like, I had to go with him to study club and then show up and like take tests, like SERIOUSLY.   He owes me, man.  Someday we’re gonna go to Lucky Palms and he’s gonna help me run the tables.  Someday when we have money.

Anyway.  Ma came back for graduation.  She even said she was proud of me.  Eventually.  First she wanted to know if I like, had the principal in the basement or something.  Then she like, made me get a haircut.  “Dub knows I never thought this day would come, Tarik, and unless I can see your face in the picture, I still won’t believe it.”

The asshole didn’t show up.  Of course.  Jed’s Mom came, and Ally, for Jed.  Jed’s Grandpa and Ally’s Mom came… for Precious.  Yeah. 

But then like, Jed’s Grandpa invited us to their house for a going-away party.  Well he invited JED.  And then didn’t slam the door in my face, ha.  And he offered to let Jed and Ally stay in his old place here in East Midcentralburg.  Until we know if we get into Uni or not?  I guess he felt bad.  If Jed doesn’t get in, we’re gonna stay here and get jobs. Ally says I can stay with her either way, if I don’t get in. Either way, man, I don’t care, I’m out of the Valley and I’m free.

Although a beach would be nice.

Ally’s like at work.  She got a job in Midcentralburg already.  Jed’s coming later today. Soon as we got off the bus, he had to go to the clinics, take some tests or something, and he had to stay all night. He couldn’t like eat or drink. I would DIE, and I’m big, and he’s so skinny. He’s like really nervous, cause we don’t know for sure if we got in.  But Ally’s sister Jo said if he had to go to the clinics then he must have made it.  She’s kind of smart too, Jo.  Jo’s one of the ones that’s a doctor. She scares me a little  – what is that noise?

Oh hey.

I didn’t even smoke that much last night.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chapter: Pretentious Prologue, Part 2

The dean of admissions looked up, irked at the sudden interruption in his day, right at lunch time. “What’s all this about an appeal?”

The woman came up and stood by the desk. “I sent my credentials and the problem statement in my email, to which you failed to respond.  Have you read it?”

The dean said, “I glanced at it. I saw you’re with the Project, that’s why the admin let you in.”

The woman reached into her bag and withdrew a folder, handed it to the dean, and then calmly seated herself. She said, “If you had read my credentials, you would know that I’m responsible for performing the psychological reviews of the students admitted as part of Project Ananke.”

Chapter: Pretentious Prologue, Part 1



Let's get the name straight.  It's TARIK.  Not ERIC.  TARIK.  One of those other ones is named Eric.