This is a Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge blog.  The rules for the Random Legacy Challenge may be found here.

The adult content warning on this blog is for language and situations and references to various adult activities (no explicit scenes).  And, er, in the first chapter after the Prologue is a scene that Can’t Be Unseen.  Yeah.

The story begins with a two-part prologue which introduces the founder.  The story continues for a few chapters after the prologue with further adventures of the founder.  From a challenge perspective, I'm counting these chapters as "pre-Generation 1";  Generation 1 will officially commence with the arrival of the first child into the household.

Some of the characters introduced at the beginning of this legacy cuss a lot. I mean, a lot. A whole bleepin’ lot.  That right there was the only time the word “bleepin’’ will be used…well except that one.  Anyway.  If cussin’ ain’t your thing you might want to jump in around Generation Two. 

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