Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chapter: One Step/Step One

Jed and I are going to meet Morlock-dude…at the burger joint where Bree dumped me. Yeah.  Awesome. 

“You can’t plonk”, I say to Jed as we’re walking up.  “This is where Bree dumped me.  I like, need you, man.”

“I won’t faint”, says Jed. “But you’ll have to talk.”

“No problem”, I say.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bonus Chapter: Sims University Presents "An Evening with Eli Morlock"

“Welcome, everyone, and thank you for coming to the lecture tonight.   Please help yourself to the buffet.  We’ll be starting in just a few moments.”

Morlock turned to finish erasing the whiteboards.  He returned to the lectern just in time to catch the small disturbance that occurred when one student entered - 

and another student left.

Author's Note

I'm about to post the first of what will be an occasional series of "Bonus Chapters";  they will be posted in addition to a regular chapter (not in place of).

These are chapters in which Tarik and his household do not directly take part.  There may be discussion about them, however, usually involving other familiar characters. The discussions may tend to the TLDR.

...all of which is a TLDR way of saying - these are the exposition dumps, folks.  :)

Chapter: Green Fairy

“Good morning, Tarik!”, says Maddie.

What the - "Uh, sorry”, I say. 

“The rest of the class is working on today’s assignment”, says Maddie.  “Perhaps you would like to join us?” 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chapter: And So It Begins

Today’s the first day of class and shit.  I’ve got art class early. 

I follow this old lady in.  She starts to go to the front, and I go to the back, like usual. 

The old lady stops, and like turns to look at me.  “Plenty of room up front”, she says – oh, I guess she’s the teacher.  She’s looking at me like she’s the teacher.

Well, I’m not sitting up there.   I find a seat, in the back. Like usual.