It's EA's universe and we all livin' in it.

The character of Professor Eli Morlock is my own creation. His design is an homage to this character.

The character of Dean Margaret Modell is my own creation.  Her design is an homage to this character.

"dragon-esque" is a loving homage to dragon.  Trogdor the Burninator and all things Strong Badia are the creations of Matt and Mike Chapman.


A big THANK YOU to all the CC creators out there – it is so much fun to play in a Sims universe with all your stuff in it!

Special thanks to the indispensable: NRAAS industries – Twallan, and all of the new creators over there too.


Bree's hair in Polar Express is Shyne_SavioPeggy445 which may be downloaded here.


Thanks for creating places for pixels to play in! 

gemly-teddie, Margaret Pendragon, StardustX

Lighting mods by burnt_waffles


Thanks for creating things for pixels to play with!

around the sims 3, cloudwalker_sims, khany_sims, lemonc, Mocha,  nynaeve_designs, riccinumbers, seemyu, severinka, Whiterider

Also: Wikimedia commons for the images of physics and physicists.


Thanks for creating things for pixels to get up to!

aikea_guinea, cmomoney, delphy, granthes, inge and peter jones (mods and utilities) 

aeon, artist_kate, bangsain, Clarisse, cloudwalker_sims, cobalt rose, delight33, gemly-teddie, jocker, k2m1too, kiddo, Mocha, mypalsim, spladoum, styxlady, zhippidy (poses) 


Thanks for creating pixels to play with!

cholate, thagirion


Thanks for creating ways to dress up pixels!

cloudwalker_sims, Cmarnyc, frisbud, NataliS, necrodog, neuroticrobotic, S_club, skysims, tamo

Thanks to the (several?) creators of Shyne_SavioPeggy445 hair.

I have misplaced the author's name for the heels all the dancing girls are wearing in Polar Express.  Apologies, will update when I find it.

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