Can't keep the characters straight without a scorecard?  Here ya go...


The Spiffingtons of Sunset Valley are the children of Jay “Spiffington” Spiffton and several Sunset Valley townsfolk.  The following pictures capture the families at the time when the scandal became known (when Tarik was a child).

L to R: Jamie, Michelle and Guy Jolina (now resident in Hidden Springs)

L to R: Tori, Joline, Adan and Allyson Kimura

L to R: Tarik, Juliana, River, and Lavar McIrish

L to R:  Jedediah, Blair, Sherry and Harley Wainwright

When the extent of Spiffton’s paternity became known, Spiffton and his latest family relocated (in dark of night) to Appaloosa Plains.  These children include Eric and Constance Bachelor, who were not yet school age when they left Sunset Valley.

These are the Spiffingtons known to Tarik at the beginning of the story.


Precious and her older, duller brother Irwin are the late-in-life children of Boyd Wainwright and Tori Kimura, making them half-siblings with the Kimura “Spiffingtons” and uncle and aunt to the Wainwright “Spiffingtons”.  Boyd dotes on Precious. 

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