Saturday, May 3, 2014

Chapter: Sketchy Sketchy

That hit the spot, yeah.  Now I just have to -


Well, probably no-one noticed.

"Hey Derek", says Hot Girl.  "Did you have a nice nap?"

"TARIK", I say.  "Yeah."

Hot Girl says, “Yeah, I wanted to wake you up. But Eddy said you looked like you were happy, so..”  Eddy’s like the skater dude.

"Uh, did I miss anything?"

"Next class is gonna be on the lawn, in the Quad", she says.  "We're finally gonna start practicing for life sketching."

Oh man.  Practicing always means more work, shit.  "That sounds like a lot of work", I say.

"Well, Eddy's really looking forward to it", she says.  "I would have thought you'd be into it..."

Huh.  Eddy seems like a cool guy. Maybe it's not so bad?  "Uh, what is it?”, I say.

“You really don’t know, do you?”  I shrug.  “It’s where you sketch a model – you know, nude?”


“Really?”, I say.

“Yeah”, she says.  “It’ll be weird sketching this time.  I’ve been the model a few times before…”  Well duh.  I mean, Hot Girl.  “…but I’ve never drawn one.  Have you?”, she says. “Have you drawn a model?”

“Uh, no”, I say.  Nude, huh.

"Oh, you're nervous."

"I'm not nervous", I say.  "Are YOU nervous?"

“Me? Oh sweetie. You could do me”, she says.  “Right now.”

“Here?”, I say.  Cause like, there’s a lot of the class still here, and stuff…

“Why not?”, she says.  “I’m easy.  I mean, I’ve done it a lot.”

“Okay”, I say.  Why not?

“…okay”, she says.  “I have never done it quite like this.”

"Me neither”, I say.

“Wow. You certainly have a big…”

“Yes.  I do”, I say.  She is very observant. HA!

“…sketchbook”, she says.  “You’re actually going to draw, aren’t you…..Ohhhhkaayyyyyy then.  Shall I pose? ... Oh, Mister Man, what’s that up there?”

“It’s not that big”, I say.

She stops posing and looks at me.  "Really...where you from, Der- uh, Tarik?", she says.

"Sunset Valley", I say.

"Spring break, here I come", she says.

Then like, she starts posing again, and I start to kind of zone out on this drawing thing... and then it starts getting kind of chilly, so I like, put my clothes back on, cause, shrinkage, wrong.

“I could use a drink after that”, Hot Girl says. “Want to go to the Grotto?”

Hot Girl, drinks, Grotto, what could go wrong?


It’s still afternoon, so no bartender, it’s like DIY.  Hot Girl hops up on the barstool.  “I’ll have a skinnyrita”, she says.

I open the fridge.  “There’s, uh, hard lemon whatsit and brew.”

“I’d like something hard”, she says.

I get one for each of us, and then I sit down.

“Right”, she says, and she like downs it.  “Sweetie, are you gay?”

“No”, I say. “Are YOU?”

“Sometimes”, she says.  “Not today. Not. Today.”, she says it again.  

“Okay”, I say.  I have another drink. Ugh.  Not today. That's what Bree said. And we still haven’t tried out that new bed.

Hot Girl like, hops up off the stool.  “Let’s go up to the roof”, she says.  “We’re gonna try this sketching thing again.  My turn.  Bring the drinks."

Roof sounds good.

“Man, there’s a great view”, I say, and then

….whoa. GREAT VIEW.

“My turn to sketch you”, she says. “…oops.”  She walks closer.  “I seem to have forgotten my sketchbook.”

“Good”, I say.


  1. Huh... Hot girl is forward. What is her name though? I'm going to refer to her as Lexi (Lexi like sexy ;))

    I'm not an artist, but I'm fairly sure that you don't have to be nude yourself to draw someone nude, or was that a preference for Tarik? Or maybe its to make the model feel more comfortable...? *Shrugs*
    I'm glad he's moving on from Bree though, I already prefer Lexi, she seems less of a biatch. I like her hair colour especially.

    1. I haven't decided on her name, actually. She's a makeover of an EA townie with kind of a bland name that's similar to the name of someone I know.

      Tarik, Tarik, Tarik, he did that on his own. I did not know sims could do that. In story, I'm going with "epic misunderstanding" as the rationale.

  2. ROFL. Oh Tarik. OH Tarik! That has to be the single greatest misunderstanding I've ever seen. He's certainly not shy at all! lol.

    Then there was Bree in the background and he's still hurting over her. Bless him. <3 I hope Bree smacked that other guy good and hard after that too. Then again, she was the one who suggested they see others. Maybe this will help Tarik along?

    1. The "get nekkid" thing was all Tarik's idea. ALLLL Tarik's idea.

      As for the bar...Bree wasn't expecting to run into Tarik anymore than Tarik was expecting to run into Bree. They still haven't officially hung out since Bree dumped him, but they keep ending up in the same space. In the way that that happens sometimes...

  3. *Whistle* at Tarik and his big... sketchbook :D His art certainly inspired Hot Girl atleast. Even if she seems to forget his name a bit :) And the "I'm easy" comment from her was great :D Was it a hint for Tarik that he didn't get, or something that came out a bit wrong?
    He just keeps running into Bree and that guy doesn't he? Hot Girl probably helps him get over it.

    1. Hot Girl's commentary is a little of both - she's kind of casually flirty with everyone...but got a little inspired/curious by Tarik's unexpected...behavior, lol. And yeah, Tarik did not pick up on any of the hints. He's still not used to getting positive attention.

  4. Hehe, I loved Tarik sketching nude, it was so funny and so him! I hope "hot girl" turns out better for him than Bree did

    1. It's definitely, positively, all him, lol, I had no idea he would (or could) do that.

      Hot Girl (have to come up with a name for her) has him feeling pretty good right now.

  5. Yay---I'm all caught up! =)

    Tarik is awfully cute---and loaded with...personality! haha Loved how he sketched in the nude, my sims do the same, though it could be because most of my sims are either inappropriate or insane, or both, lol I'm glad he's moving on from Bree---but hot girl seems awfully forward---

    1. Yay for being caught up! That's a lot of Tarik all at once, lol!

      Tarik is loaded with...personality, that's for sure. I can say that cause it's mostly him, lol. I think the story is going one way, and then Tarik happens...

      I'm relieved that someone else's sims sketch in the nude! I should have guessed it might be trait-based, I'll have to check his again. "Hot girl" has him feeling better about life, yes :)

      Thanks for reading!

  6. This is random, but I LOL'd when I saw this chapter title a few days ago. There was some guy on Big Brother last summer that called everything and everyone Sketchy. /random

    And Tarik's napping on a bench. LOL, he kills me xD

    Nude model alert. It's gotta be Bree, and I can't wait for his reaction to that.

    He got nekkid to sketch? *choke* Do sims for real do that? Cause, I obviously have my sims sketch all the time. The Mona Lisa thought bubble made that moment complete.

    Annnnd Tarik has an interesting allure for these college girls, doesn't he? The plot thickens! What will Bree think of this? Or will she even care?

    1. "Sketchy" I got from my sister, actually, now I wonder where she got it from...

      Apparently sims do in fact sketch nekkid, cause that was alllll Tarik's idea. (As was sleeping on the bench...) I left the Mona Lisa bubble in there, it's just so him :) No comment on Ourobouros, "Land of Sketching" :D

      There is something about Tarik, yes, but Tarik hasn't quite caught on quite yet.

      What about Bree...hmm, what to say...well, Tarik and Bree are going to surprise each other at least once more (each)...

  7. That is too funny. I need to play with the sketch book, obviously, lol.

    And Twallan help the world when Tarik *does* catch on :D

    Now you've got me really curious, as to how Tarik's going to surprise Bree. ::contemplates::

  8. Funny that Tarik corrects "Hot Girl" on his name yet doesn't know hers at all. :P

    Hot Girl seems really chill, and just someone that Tarik might like to hang out with...and other stuff. I like her so far.

    1. I wondered if someone would call me out on that, lol. It's really my bad, I haven't given her a story name yet (her in-game name is unintentionally too close to someone I know).

  9. Hot that a family name?

    I love Hot Girl. She seems cray-cray. Also, my jaw dropped when Tarik whipped out his...sketchbook.

    1. Actually, kind of, yes (belatedly on my part) we'll find out in the chapter I'm currently writing :)

      Hot Girl's fun.

      Yeah, it was unexpected for me too!